Finnish Vessels in GB during the War 3 RIAA 1479

In 1916 & 1917 thirteen ships belonging to Finnish companies, registered in Finland were, while in British ports, taken over by British authorities. At that time Finland was in war with Russia, the vessels were taken over after the Russia government informed the agents of the owners that Russia had requisitioned the ships and that they were going to be handed over to the British authorities, by agreement between the governments. After the war the Finnish owners made a claim against the British government. The British said that Russia had requisitioned the ships, not they. The Finnish instituted proceeding before the Admiralty Transport Arbitration Board, the decision of the board was final in points of fact and subject to appeal on point of law. The board dismissed the claim. The Finnish did not appeal the claim, and Finland took the case to the LN. England contended failure of exhaust local remedies. The arbitration was made for the preliminary question of local remedies

By its terms, the Indemnity Act, any appeal from the decision of the Admiralty Transport Arbitration Board, was limited to no investigate questions of facts, but just points of law. Since the Board had found that as a matter of fact the ships were taken not by Great Britain by Russia an appeal offered no remedy