Youmans Claim US v Mexico US Mexican General Claims Commission

A mob gathered around a house in Angangueo Michoacan within which were 3 US nationals. The Mayor promptly went to the house, but was unable to quieten the mob. He order Jefe de la Tropa de Seguridad, Lieutenant Mora, to proceed with troops to quell the riot and put an end to the attack upon Americans. The troops on arriving at the scene of the riot, instead of dispersing the mob, opened fire on the house, as a consequence Arnould was killed, Connelly and Youmans were force to leave and as they did so they were killed by the troops and the mob.

We do not consider that the participation of the soldiers in the murder, can be regarded as acts of soldiers committed in their private capacity when it is clear that at the time of the commission of this acts the men were on duty under the immediate supervision and in the presence of a commanding officer.