Security Council Resolution 777 (1992) Yugoslavia 19 Dec 1992

4/6 ex republics of SFRY (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia) were admitted in the UN as independent states. Serbia and Montenegro claimed to continue the membership of Yugoslavia to the UN, styling themselves as FRY [UN membership is not synonymous of statehood] [UN membership of SFRY was not terminated here] [1993 claims B&H v FRY (Serbia & Montenegro) the ICJ accepted jurisdiction irrespective of UN membership]

Considering SFRY has ceased to exist Recalling that the claim of FRY to continue automatically the membership of the SFRY in the UN has not been generally accepted Considers, The FRY cannot continue automatically the membership of the former SFRY in the UN, and therefore recommends to the GA that it decide that the FRY should apply for membership in the UN and that it shall not participate in the work of the GA