Liangsiriprasert v US Government [1990] 2 All ER 866

A US agent persuaded a Thai drug smuggler to attend a meeting in Hong Kong; the Thai was arrested and extradition was granted to US. Appellant contended that arrest was unlawful since the conspiracy was made outside Hong Kong and no overt act occurred there, there was not offence in Hong Kong and it has no jurisdiction to detain and extradite

In this century crime has ceased to be largely local in origin and effect…[there is nothing] that should inhibit the common law from regarding as justiciable in England inchoate crimes committed abroad which are intended to result in the commission of criminal offences in England. Accordingly, a conspiracy entered into in Thailand with the intention of committing the criminal offence of trafficking in drugs in Hong Kong is justiciable in Hong Kong, even if no overt act pursuant to the conspiracy has yet occurred in Hong Kong.