Re Wood Pulp Cartel: A Ahlstrom Oy v EC Commission [1988] 4 CMLR 901 Court of Justice of the European Communities

There are more than 800 paper manufactures established within the community it is the most important market for certain wood pulp, however relatively little is produced within the community, main sources are Canada, US, Sweden and Finland. The commission held that 41 producers and two trade associations, all outside the community, engaged in concerted practices of prices, and therefore imposed fines

Where a producer of a particular product who are established outside the community sell directly to purchasers situated within the community and engage in price competition in order to win orders from those customers that constitutes competition within the common market and it follows that if those producers concert on the prices to be charged to their customers in the community and put that concertation into effect by selling at prices which are actually co-ordinated they are taking part in concertation which has the object and effect of restricting competition within the common market