A/21 Iran v US I US CTR

Request for interpretation whether the US is obliged to satisfy promptly any award of this tribunal rendered in favour of Iran against nationals of the US Iran said that ‘final and binding’ meant that no further proceedings are required in order to obtain satisfaction of such tribunal awards, and consequently that US bears direct responsibility to pay awards

The task of the tribunal is to ascertain the nature and content of the obligations undertaken by the respective states parties to the Algiers Declarations. They must be interpreted in good faith in accordance with the ordinary meaning of the terms. This tribunal is clearly an international tribunal. It is the rights of the claimant, not of his nation, that are to be determined by the tribunal. This should be contrasted with the situation of espousal of claims in international law. Moreover, the object and purpose of the Accords was to resolve a crisis in relations between Iran and US not to extend diplomatic protection in the normal sense. No espousal of claims by US is involved in the cases before it. All the awards requiring payment by nationals of the US are directed against specifically named nationals, not against their government