Mitsubishi Motors Corp v Soler Chrysler Plymouth Inc 473 US 614 (1985)

The petitioner, Japanese corporation, is product of a join venture between Chrysler International S.A CISA, A Swiss Corporation and a Japanese Corporation, aimed at distributing through Chrysler dealers outside the US automobiles manufactured by petitioner. Respondent, Puerto Rico corporation, entered into distribution agreement with CISA, the agreement had an arbitration clause by the Japan Commercial Arbitration. After a dispute relating the distribution, the petitioner brought an action seeking an order to compel the respondent to arbitrate. The respondent alleged that the subject matter refer to issues under Sherman Act.

There is no reason to depart from the federal policy favouring arbitration where a party bound by an arbitration agreement raises claims founded on statutory rights (Sherman Act) Concerns of international comity, respect for the capacities of foreign and trans-national tribunals and sensitivity to the need of the international commercial system for predictability in the resolution of disputes, all require enforcement of the arbitration clause in question, even assuming that a contrary result would be forthcoming in a domestic context The mere appearance of an antitrust dispute does not alone warrant invalidation of the selected forum on the undemonstrated assumption that the arbitration clause is tainted