Case Concerning Northern Cameroons Preliminary Objections

Cameroon Brought a case in which it had claimed misadministration by the UK as Trustee of the former Trust Territory of Northern Cameroons, which had by UN plebiscite decided to join Nigeria rather than Cameroon, after which the GA terminated the Trusteeship. ICJ rejected the case as hypothetical and lacking real purpose, since nothing would come from any decision [Can a claim for reparation be liquidated by the termination of the Treaty?]

(35) if during de life of the Trusteeship the Trustee was responsible for some act in violation of the terms of the Trusteeship Agreement which resulted in damage to another Member of the United Nations or to one of its national, a claim for reparation would not be liquidated by the termination of the Trust Courts of law are not there to make legal pronouncements in abstracto… they are there to protect existing and current legal rights, to secure compliance with existing and current legal obligations, to afford concrete reparation if a wrong has been committed, or to give rulings in relation to an existing and concrete legal situation